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Cooling a cleaner future

Cooling makes for


Of the global electricity consumption

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The phase transition of liquid water to water vapor causes a substantial drop in temperature.

We all know that - it's how the human body cools itself through sweating.

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Using a micro-layer of water on the heat exchanger lowers the water circulation of the system to less then 1% of comparable water-cooled systems.

It enables to mitigate most of the water-cooling drawbacks without added complexcities.

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RO Water

The small water needs enables the use of Reverse Osmosise water

It further mitigate system drawbacks and makes consuming reusable water possible.

Cutting edge technology

For real-world use

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35% energy consumption

35% in emissions

75% in size

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Our Team

Yair Suued, CEO

Yair Suued


Aryeh Fox, PhD, CTO

Aryeh Fox, PhD


Niv Korah, VP BizDev

Niv Korah

VP BizDev

Prof. Rafael Tdmor, Advisory

Prof. Rafael Tdmor


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